Changing your Domain Name Servers

For your website to load, you will need to point it to the correct name servers. Now, you can either use our name servers or use those of your hosting providers (if you have them). This article will help you in changing the name server to your hosting providers name servers. Lets get started:

  1. Login to your hosting provider account.
  2. In the Domain section, click on the option "Name Servers".
  3. Replace the existing name servers with the ones provided by your current web host and click on Update Name Servers button. {our default server names: and , please contact us if this server doesn't work.}

That’s it. You have just updated your name servers to point to your hosting package. Sit back and relax since It could take anywhere between 24-48 hrs for your website to be functional. This delay happens due to Name Server Propogation.

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